The benefits of banana for athletes

Do you know what are the the benefits of bananas for the players?

The potassium present in bananas, has the effect hipotensor in the body. In addition, it helps maintain the electrolyte balance. Other benefits it brings to the players? In this space, we are with the details.

The banana is a fruit, the most popular among the players. Due to its content of nutrients and are beneficial for those who have a routine of exercise and play sports.

In general, it is a source of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. What are its main benefits?

In the first place, it's a food that is very versatile because it can be eaten plain, or covered in the breakfast in the morning.

On the other hand, due to its composition, it is recommended to improve the quality of your diet. In the following, we benefits of bananas.

the benefits of bananas

The Banana is a source of carbohydrates

One of the the benefits of bananas they are the sugar in their composition, because of this, it can be a source of energy for athletes.

Depending on your level of maturity, these sugars have a high glycemic index greater or less than another.

Therefore, you can take a little while to mature before a workout, or for a more mature, more in the middle of it.

The carbohydrates that are contained in this fruit, let your glycogen stores will be replenished as soon as the sporting event begins.

To refill the glycogen stores in muscle during exercise allows you to, among other things, to delay the onset of fatigue. In addition to this, it may help to reduce the risk of injury to the muscle.

The following are the the benefits of bananas.

The Banana is a source of carbohydrates

The banana is a versatile ingredient that can be used alone or included in the smoothies. It helps to replenish your glycogen stores.

It contains potassium,

Athletes tend to eat a diet high in sodium. That is the reason why this happens is that the hyponatremia is life threatening and needs to be reset, and the amount of salt as soon as the training is finished.

On the other hand, a diet rich in this mineral, it can have a negative impact on your blood pressure, raising your levels.

To mitigate this effect, it is necessary to increase the intake of potassium. The banana is a fruit that is well-known for its contribution of a mineral.

In addition to balancing the blood pressure, the potassium present in bananas can help prevent an electrolyte imbalance in the year.

As if all that weren't enough, it helps to reduce the risk of muscle cramps.

Eat a banana before and during the financial year

To get the the benefits of bananas for athletes, it is advisable to do it before and after the workout.

The reason for this? Before you begin practicing, it is advisable to fill in all the deposits of glycogen and keep glucose levels stable. As we said before, the banana is used for both tasks.

Once you have started the test, especially if you are in a long-term, it is necessary to provide the body with a supply from the journal of the carbs.

In this way, the glycogen stores in muscle and liver, are reserved to the onset of fatigue is delayed. In this situation, the banana is also a loyal ally.

Prior to the exercise, it is recommended that the fruit is not quite ripe; however, in the middle of the test, with the level of maturity should be higher.

The excessive intake of fibre in the moment, you can delay gastric emptying and cause discomfort in the stomach, and that it is harmful to you.

Bananas are ideal for the diet of athletes

The banana is the fruit of choice for many because of its sweet taste, and texture. In addition to this, the the benefits of bananas they are important to the players.

It is not uncommon to see professional athletes consume this fruit before, during, and after the games.

The carbohydrate present in banana helps to maintain the levels of the glucose in the blood stable.

On the other hand, these nutrients will help you to book the glycogen stores in muscle and liver. To eat this fruit during the exercise, you can increase your performance.

In addition, bananas contain significant amounts of potassium in your make-up.

This mineral, it ensures the electrolyte balance in the athlete. Moreover, it allows you to adjust the blood pressure to increase, as a result of a high intake of sodium.

In the end, it should be noted that the banana is a fruit that can be consumed in many different ways.

Of course, he has good organoleptic qualities. Also, you can enter it in smoothies or on toast.

There are many recipes to cupcakes and cookies with this fruit as a primary ingredient.