The fear of getting fat: Learn what is Anorexia nervosa

Do you have the fear of weight gain? whenever you pass by a mirror gives the look of basic to take a look at the format of your body.

Did you know that some people do it in a way that's extremely exaggerated, and that it is a mental disorder called anorexia nervosa.

Here's more on the the fear of weight gain.

The fear of weight gain

The key features of anorexia nervosa

The key features of anorexia nervosa, they are a nuisance, exaggerated with respect to the shape of your body, and is associated with a distorted body image.

So, generally, people who have anorexia or bulimia nervosa, and when she looks at herself in the mirror, she has a tendency to look to a format that is much larger and a much more rounded body.

Feel the excessive fear of gaining weight, and that it is not of pounds, but only in the tens of grams.

These are people who usually have a few steps to be aware that you will not have gained weight.

These people are extremely concerned about the process of putting on weight, and because of that they undergo diet of highly-their hours, or even days.

There are people who come out to put any kind of food, but the water in your mouth for as long as four days, and arrive at a stage of malnutrition and often from dehydration, Even life-threatening.

They are people who are fat, and that fat, even weighing less than 40kg.

For example, even with a body mass index less than 18 " are people who are literally afraid to eat you will gain weight.

Food is for people who have Anorexia or bulimia nervosa

Food hipercalóricos as candy, cookies, sweets, returned it, and they and the food hipercalóricos as a salad, water, and lemon juice, they are the best supported in the diet of the overtraining patients.

This is the one eating disorder it affects women more than men and is more prevalent in specific professions, such as: model, actress, dancers, athletes, and even by nutritionists.

The consequences that are caused by the fear of weight gain

Some of the consequences that are caused by the fear of weight gain are: Low self-esteem, behavior, perfectionism, difficulty in expressing feelings, a fear of change-related disorders in the spectrum of the impulsive or compulsive disorder (ocd)

And will be for hours or even days without consuming any type of food, not the water.

It is very common for the use of the laxative, the provocation of vomiting, the practice of over-exercise and physical, all in order to not gain weight or to lose weight.

In some cases, there may be other episodes of binge eating that is followed by practice, desperate to make up for the behavior of binge eating.

After the ingestion of the food, they make attempts to tumbling of a tidy up to put out the food, mostly through vomiting and diarrhea.

Causing diarrhea, causing vomiting, or practicing the exercise in a way that is excessive.

The main causes associated with anorexia nervosa is precisely these cultural factors related to the release of a body that is a perfect addition to a family history of eating disorders.

The main consequences of the psychological as well as physical

Also, the main psychological effects of anorexia nervosa are low in self-esteem, a sense of insecurity, social isolation, excessive shyness.

And the main physical consequences are low on immunity, which is an increase of gastro-intestinal problems, arrhythmia, cardiac disease, electrolyte imbalance, seizures, or even death.

Is it difficult for people to absorb, and death is a decision in 15% of cases of anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

It is on account of these imbalances, electrolyte, and organic and will be for the account of a suicide.


The treatment is carried out by a multidisciplinary team, there are many practitioners who share an idea, information, and treatment plans that mainly involve clinicians, psychologists, nutritionists, and a physical education teacher.

In the course of the treatment is to actually deal with the hunger, the global imbalances, the return of the weight to the patient or to the patient to really restore your physical health.

Subsequently, the issues such as identity, self-esteem, relationship with food, and social integration, are also worked out, mainly in the therapy.

It is important to note that the role of the family in friends in the the treatment of anorexia nervosa nervous, support their families and in society, and in this re-adaptation of the eating habits are essential.

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