Savor the Sweetness: Unveiling the English Name for Morango!

Savor the Sweetness: Unveiling the English Name for Morango!

Savor the Sweetness: Unveiling the English Name for Morango!


Morango, a delicious and juicy fruit, is a well-known delicacy in many parts of the world. However, it is commonly referred to by its Portuguese name. In this article, we will explore and unveil the English name for this delectable fruit, and delve into its origins, characteristics, and various uses.

What is Morango?

Morango, known as “strawberry” in English, is a fruit that belongs to the Fragaria genus of the Rosaceae family. It is characterized by its bright red color, sweet taste, and juicy texture. Strawberries are typically small in size, but pack a punch of flavor that is loved by many.

Origins and Cultivation

Strawberries have a rich history that dates back centuries. The exact origin of the fruit is not known, but it is believed to have been cultivated and consumed since the ancient Roman times. The modern strawberry we know today is a result of crossbreeding various species of wild strawberries.

The cultivation of strawberries is widespread, with major producers including the United States, Mexico, Spain, and Turkey. These fruits thrive in temperate climates and are typically grown as perennials. They require well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight to grow and produce a bountiful harvest.

The English Name: Strawberry

The English name for Morango, “strawberry,” is derived from the Old English word “streawberige,” which refers to the fruit’s habit of being strewn among the leaves. The name perfectly captures the fruit’s appearance, as the small red berries are often seen nestled among the green leaves of the plant.

Characteristics and Varieties

Strawberries are known for their vibrant red color, sweet aroma, and juicy flesh. They have a soft, slightly tart taste that is beautifully balanced by their natural sweetness. The fruit is also rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and dietary fiber, making it a healthy addition to any diet.

There are numerous varieties of strawberries available, each with its own unique characteristics. Some popular ones include the June-bearing strawberries, which produce a single large harvest in late spring or early summer, and everbearing strawberries, which produce smaller harvests throughout the growing season.

Uses and Culinary Delights

Strawberries are incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways. They are often eaten fresh, either on their own or added to desserts, salads, and smoothies. The fruit is also used in jams, jellies, pies, and cakes, adding a burst of flavor and vibrant color to these treats.

In addition to their culinary uses, strawberries have also found their place in the beauty industry. The high vitamin C content of the fruit makes it beneficial for skincare, as it helps in brightening the complexion and reducing signs of aging.


Morango, or strawberry as it is known in English, is a beloved fruit enjoyed by people worldwide. Its sweet taste, vibrant color, and versatility in culinary creations make it a true delight. Next time you savor a juicy strawberry, remember its journey from ancient times to your plate, and appreciate the sweetness it brings to your life.