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how to take care of your nails 5 tips to avoid problems

Do you know how to take care of your nails? Painting your toenailsis a very common habit for many women. Especially when open shoes like sandals. They prevail over the closed ones in the spring and summer months.

In these seasons we like to show our feet and give them a touch of color after having them “hidden” inside our shoes for so many months.

But, can painting nails have negative effects on the health of our feet?

Differences between painting fingernails and toenails

Visibility, on the fingernails, being close to the eye, it is easier to observe and detect imperfections, whether in the enamel or due to any anomaly that affects your health, so that we can act and solve it faster.

Growth, fingernails and toenails do not grow at the same rate.

On the hands they grow faster, and that's why the enamels become less visible over time, being able to "rest" and "breathe" until they are painted again.

Sweating, unlike the hands, which are all the time uncovered and in contact with the air, the feet are wrapped in shoes or socks, which causes more perspiration. 

It is important to know how to take care of nails for the appearance of fungi and other infections. 

Hygiene, we wash our hands more often throughout the day, so our nails are more hygienic than those on our feet, which we only remember during the daily shower.

What happens when we abuse the use of nail polish on our toenails?

Many patients are unaware that abusing enamel, especially semi-permanent and permanent ones (those that last longer), can have consequences on the health of our nails.

What happens to toenails?

The answer is simple:

When painting nails, we cover their surface with a chemical (which in many cases contains certain toxins) that can make it difficult for the natural creation of keratin to occur.

If we do this daily or too often, we prevent them from being able to “breathe” and “rest”.

That's why it's important to know how to take care of your nails

Problems with painting toenails

How to take care of nails to not have fungus, can I paint?

The answer is no. Even if the nails turn yellow or white due to the fungus, it is not recommended to paint them, as this only makes the situation worse.

It is advisable to visit the podiatristto diagnose what is happening and apply the appropriate treatment according to the case. Until the fungus problem is over, it would not be advisable to paint them.

I knew more about how to take care of my nails.

How to take care of your nails to avoid problems if you use nail polish?

Excess, like the rest of things in our lives, is bad, and as far as nail polish is concerned, too.

Therefore, we present some tips to follow to know, how to take care of nails:

It is essential to buy nail polishes in specialized stores and brands, paying attention to the expiration date and composition.

It is important to properly remove all nail polish, as this can cause a buildup of moisture that leads to fungus.

Using nail polish removers that contain acetone too often is not recommended as it burns, pigmentation and weakens toenails and fingernails. It is a very aggressive product. Therefore, bet on those that do not contain this substance.

cures can yellow the nails, which can be confused with If this yellow color appears, visit the podiatrist to diagnose if you have any problems and apply the necessary treatment.

In short, although health should be above aesthetics, painting our nails sporadically or once in a while doesn't have to cause us any problems. But when it is done daily, one should be careful and follow the advice listed in the previous point.

Learn more about nail care in the video below.