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6 tips for wearing high-heels, and don't hurt yourself

Many women are fond of to wear high heels and they are very happy with them. But there are many others who don't use them, because, even though they liked it, they end up causing a lot of damage to your feet.

The feet are adapted anatomically to be high shoesthe use of it may cause an injury, such as pain, blistering, swelling, or diaper rash. 

With the truck next to it, you can reduce or eliminate these problems, and, therefore, to take advantage of her high heels for the first time.

6 tips for wearing heels

Here are a few tips to reduce or eliminate the pain and discomfort of the jumps you can make.

Try out the tip

In the first place, we need to ask for the exact length of the shoe. So much for the heels, large and small, can end up causing you pain.

This may sound obvious, but it isn't, and it's extremely important to be able to go on to high heels.

For this reason, you should experiment with both shoes on, walk with them, and see if the spindle of a heel, which coincides with the center of the heel.

In this way, the body weight is distributed, and thus to prevent possible personal injury.

If you're not accustomed to the use it high heels or, they typically do thee hurt, it is recommended that they are not more than 5 cm), and the jump to be as wide as possible.

With that in mind, you will be able to support them for a longer time.

It's always good to experiment with your heels before you buy them, so they don't hurt themselves.

Using a spray expander to wear heels

Some of the shoes will taper noticeably in the sole of the foot. This is made worse when your feet swell up a little bit, for example, in the evening, after walking around all day.

To them, please find below the most recommended:

  • Apply to the inside of the shoe.
  • Put on your shoes.
  • Make Use of them and try to walk for 20 minutes.
  • Repeat the procedure in 24 hours.
  • If necessary, repeat the process until all the shoes, they fit well under your feet.

Use the pads

The pads are the small plates, the soft that it can be placed in a certain part of the foot in order to avoid the pain.

They are extremely practical and can be put on for a minute or so.

Therefore, it is advisable to carry a couple in your purse and use them in the event of an emergency. You can find the following two types:

For the area prior to the start of the fingers. Often it hurts to go there because it is where the foot bends and it also carries some weight.

For the heels. Another area that is often hurt by the rubbing of a shoe.

Shoe insoles to wear heels

They are insoles they are placed at the foot of what they do is to protect it from rubbing on the shoe, such as if you are wearing your socks.

They are ideal for wearing when your shoes can hurt for a particular area of the foot, which helps relieve the pain and allow you to continue using the heel of a foot.

Enfaixe two fingers

This trick is very effective and simple to use. A strip of adhesive on the third and fourth toes of each foot shall be either in the usa.

This works because the nerves that transmit the pain, it's off to the joining of the fingers.

Put on your shoes in the freezer

This hack is especially for you when the shoes are you a bit cramped and narrow.

The mechanical effect, which is produced by the freezing of the stock exchanges, and its gradual increase in size will cause the shoe to grow.

In addition to this, the cold will help to improve the blood circulation and thus reduce the painful sensation.

How it's made:

  • Fill two plastic bags with water.
  • Put one in each shoe.
  • Put them in the freezer .
  • Leave it for a couple of hours.
  • In the end, take out the bags and put on your shoes.

Find out more about the use of the high heels in the video below.