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The peel of the orange-7 as well as medicinal properties

In order to obtain maximum benefit from the the peel of an orangewe must make sure that it is organic, and that which has not been treated with pesticides.

Orange is one of the most frequently consumed fruits in the world. Even though some of you do not know, the orange peel is a source of a wide range of nutrients that benefit health care.

For many, it's almost instinctive to throw it away. However, several studies argue that the peel has many properties to its effects on the body, preventing the development of many diseases.

Even though her taste is not as nice as the one in the pulp or the juice of its active compounds, is all the more reason to consider to include it in our diet.

In addition to this, even though they are a bit bitter, then there are lots of recipes that you can add orange peels to a delicious hint of citrus.

Here are the top 7 medicinal properties shops the peel of an orange.

The properties of the skin of an orange

The peel of an orange

The main nutrient the antioxidant in the peel of the orange is hesperidin. The essential oil from the peel of the orange, it has antimicrobial activity and anti-cancer.

In the end, the essential oil of the the peel of an orange it is one of the main ingredients of the perfume.

Due to its anti-oxidant properties, have been developed forms of cosmetics for the skin, wound care, adhesives, and wear a face mask.

Let's see the benefits in detail below:

1. It prevents your cholesterol

The phytochemicals and flavonoids contained in the the peel of an orange make it for a natural remedy against the imbalances in the body.

They prevent the formation of plaques lipid-protein interactions, which cause the obstruction, and blood clots.

This, in turn, provide benefits for cardiovascular health because it reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

2. Fighting acid reflux

They are a highly alkaline, which helps to reduce the acidity of the stomach.

For your consumption, be it in shakes or teas, balance your pH, digestive tract, and reduce the excessive build up of acids in the face of the difficulties of the digestive tract.

In the case of acid reflux, severe and repetitive, it is recommended to take it on a daily basis over a period of 20 days.

3. It relieves digestive problems

In 100 grams of orange peel give you up to a 10.6 grams of dietary fiber, eating a regular decrease in the intestinal tract is slow and, in turn, promotes the elimination of waste, you are trapped in the colon.

As if that weren't enough, it's calming and provides a positive effect on the microbial flora, which protects the gut.

4. Prevent and fight respiratory disease

It is one of the best allies in order to strengthen the immune system.

This nutrient is an antioxidant and prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses, and to strengthen the defense mechanisms in order to prevent respiratory illnesses, such as:

  • Bronchitis.
  • Cold
  • The flu
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Lung Cancer

5. It improves your oral health

Chew on it a little bit of peel from the orange, it's a habit allowing you to:

  • Freshen your breath.
  • To control the bacteria.
  • Avoid yellow spots unpleasant.

It contains herbal extracts and essential oils to provide a protective barrier against the harmful effects of plaque and associated infections.

It is recommended for patients with sensitive teeth. It can also be used as a folder, scraped, or by rubbing her inside of the teeth.

6. To help you lose weight

This is an ingredient that is low in calories, it contains fibre, and has detox properties that help you to lose weight.

It promotes the process of cleaning up the body, and increase a feeling of fullness

7. It improves the appearance of skin

Externally, it offers the benefits of interesting that you can take advantage of for both health and beauty.

To minimize presence of spots, and other marks, are very unpleasant.

Through their statements, the orange peel is to help us to clarify and to cover up those little changes that appear as a result of exposure to the sun, it burns, and toxins.

As you can see, that a part of the oranges, which you usually throw away it is, in fact, a great ally for your health.

You get the taste, you can use it in a tea, and enjoy its exotic flavor in many recipes.

How to extract the essential oil from the peel of an orange

Peel the oranges and remove any debris off white from the shell. Put them in a glass jar and add the vodka to cover them.

Cover with water and shake vigorously for a few seconds. Allow the liquid to macerate for at least a week, and beating so vigorously several times a day.

After this time has elapsed, then pass through a sieve and coffee maker, and remove the shells.

Allow the liquid to orange, to rest in a well-ventilated place, so that the alcohol evaporates.

A few days later, when the smell of the alcohol has gone to pack the oil-in-a-bottle-of-glass-the-dark.

Now you can take full advantage of all of its amazing properties.

Benefits of drinking orange juice every day

Well-known for being the natural source of vitamin C, oranges are the main ingredients of the drink, along with a coffee shop, it won't be in a lot of cafes in the early morning.

At first glance, we can see that it's rich in water and fiber, and has an aroma and a very pleasant taste exquisite.

The orange is a fruit so healthy, that it should be eaten on a regular basis as part of a varied and balanced nutrition.

Especially as a whole. However, many people have the habit of eat-a the juice.

The benefits of consuming orange juice

Refreshes and hydrates the skin

As we have commented above, the orange juice is refreshing and hydrating.

This is not only due to the water with which it is prepared, but also to those provided by its own fruit.

While it is true that the orange is not as rich in water, such as pineapple, melon, grapefruit or melon, whose membership is made up of more than 90% of the water), give you a good amount of water.


Consuming the juice of the orange juice can also be beneficial for the automatic acquisition of a large dose of energy.

It has a high glycemic index. So, instead of going with a sweetened coffee with two packets of refined sugar, in a smoothie with frozen fruit, or even an energy drink, it may be better to drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

It provides vitamins and antioxidants

As might be expected, due to the composition of its main ingredient, the orange juice is a good source of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Of course, it is not able to provide the body with everything it needs to in order to be healthy, but it does give you a nice gift.

Consuming orange juice, it helps to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages, industrial

Just like any other natural drinks, with the juice of the orange is a great option to avoid the consumption of the beverage industry, in addition to having an excess of sugar and salt and may contain harmful substances, such as caffeine and taurine.

Therefore, to consume the juice of the orange juice into a time-of-one crazy it's all good.

In short, you consume freshly squeezed orange juice on a daily basis can be beneficial to one's health, but as long as it is done in the framework of a healthy way of life. By itself, it is not going to be the health and well-being of the infinite.

See more of orange peel in the video below.