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Credit card negativado – here's some of the best options

In need of a credit card, but the negativado, be aware that it is possible to get a credit card credit negativado. The credit card it has become a great financial tool, since it gives many benefits to its owner.

By offering many of the advantages of credit cards has become the desire of many, but not all of them are capable of doing so.

The people who have the greatest difficulty to get a credit card, they are the ones that are in the name of negativado.

Even though the situation is this, you know that there are a number of options for credit card negativado.

It is possible to get a credit card credit negativados

Most of the time when you give your credit card, your financial institution to perform a query in the main birôs of the loan, in order to get to know your payment history.

It is at this time that many dream turn into a nightmare. Why be included in any financial disputes in the registration form, the claim is denied.

Despite this barrier-of-entry, with a variety of companies that offer a credit card, it is perfectly possible to get it with the same name negativado.

There are a few companies that offer credit cards for a negativados. This is on account of they don't perform query on birôs to the credit of the SPC or Serasa.

In the following, we shall get to know some of the institutions that provide credit card information for negativado.


The pagbank, it offers a credit or debit card with the Visa brand, which allows you to shop from local and international stores and online.

credit card negativado pagbank

All it is totally free and free to upgrade, your credit limit will be released at the time, without any of the credit. It has to do with the operation of the credit limit, and can be purchased in one of two ways.

Reserve opening balance + credit Card This option works by setting aside a part of the available balance in your account, PagBank, each of the real-reserved for it, if the limit on your credit card.

CBD + credit Card In this option, you make the investment in the CBD, and get the same value in the limit on your credit card statement. In this way, your limit can reach up to$100,000) one hundred twenty thousand us dollars, as the value of the investment.


Neon offers a credit card through a simple sign-up and quick to do. Totally free international, the card offers the option to limit a rubber band, which allows for the purchase of the values are above the threshold available.

The Neon colors makes this card without the consultation of the credit, however, it is based on the analysis of the scores in the school. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good track record in the use of its services and payments, and the function of a debit card.

The Market For Paid

The market has the paid features of a credit card, free of charge, with a number of advantages to its customers, including:

Shopping at online stores and private individuals from anywhere in the world

Usage: put your purchases on the open market, up to 18 months interest free

Please fee free

Earn twice as many points in the program, the market points

For the moment, the Market is Paid, you are providing a waiting list for people who want to purchase to your credit card. The only one that is required by the market and paid for the grant of the card is to have a share in the institution, according to its website.

Open up your account, Market, Pay, and get$ 10.00 on the first payment open an account.

Inter -

The inter although to carry out an analysis of the credit-to provide your credit card, it has recently made available a feature that allows you, with the same name negativado, the use of the card, with the credit institution.

The program for the CBD over the credit limit, the bank, the inter lets you invest, you may be able to increase your limit, we have already pre-established, or that you have to use the value of the investment, such as a credit limit, even if it has not been pre-approved.

When you join this game on the inter, the various advantages that will be available for you to use, such as:

  • The income from the investments made
  • Division of purchases
  • Fee free of charge
  • Mobile shopping

In addition, the continued use of the services, inter the institution may be able to flush out pre-approved in any situation.

Why is it so hard to get credit card for the negativado?

Unfortunately, the lack of financial education in brazil, which causes a large part of the population that is not able to cope up with the money. This will result in the debt out of control, and at the negativação of the name.

The claim is for a thing to the guy to take it as it is for those who indulge. Because of the fear of the bad debts of the business are being forced to make a selection of the most insightful, leaving aside those who are named negativado.

Tips in order to facilitate the adoption of a credit card

Although it is difficult for the approval of a credit card, negativado, there are a couple of tips that, if taken, can shorten the path to the approval of the credit card.

In the following we will give some of the tips.

  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Try to re-negotiate its debt.
  • To open the account at the institution to which you want with your credit card, it is possible to develop a relationship with the company.
  • Open a free account at the bank.
  • Get your financial activity on an account.

With these tips, it is possible to get a credit card with the same name negativado. I hope that now it will be easier for you to reach out to your credit card.